Editing Services


Dedicated to the Written Word specializes in editing fiction and business communications. I will ensure that your thoughts are powerful, effective, clear, and concise. Whatever project you have, my job is to make your written words unique and grammatically correct. This includes punctuation, word choice, spelling, capitalization, verb tense, style, tone and sentence structure. 

Tina Williams

Principal at A Reasonable Woman


“The role Kate played at Dedicated to the Written Word in transforming my two novelettes from a stack of random notes into actual books was critical.  Kate understands all of the nuts and bolts of the written word, more important, she understands the nuances and cadence of language. She helped me establish the voice and pace for each of the books.  I found working with Kate a wonderfully collaborative effort where we were able to blend our areas of expertise to produce really good work.  I am proud of the work we did together.  I strongly recommend Kate.  She really does 'make every word count.'”

Marianne Antuzzi

Certified Bookkeeper and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor


“I have worked with Kate at Dedicated to the Written Word on several occasions.  During that time she has helped me design client letters for various reasons and reviewed my website for wording changes and implementation. Kate is a very enthusiastic business woman and willing to help in any way she can to achieve the needs of her clients. She is extremely responsive and always meets her deadlines.”

Richard S. Valenzuela, President

Leadership Diversity International


“I have had the pleasure of working with Kate on several occasions. She has edited all of my work documents and forms and I found her to be very organized and dedicated to excellence.  She has a collaborative nature which made the process of extensive editing painless.”